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More than 60 million people all over the world suffer from Glaucoma .

In Minsk there was a new highly effective method of surgical treatment of glaucoma which will suit most of patients:

Filtrational EX-PRESS® device.

This device is specially developed for the decrease increased ophthalmotonous pressure at glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma - widespread disease from which more than 60 million people suffer all over the world.

The reason of its development - violation of outflow formed superfluous intraocular liquid (watery moisture). Liquid collects, causing increase of intraocular pressure that leads to damage of optic nerve and visual deterioration.

Some facts which you have to know:

  • Glaucoma - the second reason for frequency of blindness, in the world.
  • Open-angle glaucoma meets in 90% of cases.
  • Glaucoma, as a rule, develops slowly and proceeds unpainful.

The alternative is!

Лечение Глаукомы

In the course of treatment the patient with glaucoma passes several stages — from drops before surgical intervention. There are different ways of surgical treatment of glaucoma which efficiency is individual for each patient. Today there was a new highly effective method of surgical treatment of glaucoma which will suit most of patients.

Alternative which allows to control glaucoma symptoms is the filtrational device EX-PRESS® which is specially developed for decrease increased intraocular pressure.

Today the world statistics contains more than 60 000 successful implantations EX-PRESS®.

The filtrational device EX-PRESS® at glaucoma .


EX-PRESS® is a tiny implant which size is less than rice seed which during operation is located under scleral flap. The device replaces function of drainage system of eye which is damaged at glaucoma.

Thereby he creates an alternative way on which excess intraocular liquid is successfully removed from eye. As a result - accurate control of intraocular pressure and his maintenance at the target (healthy) level.

After implantation of the filtrational device EX-PRESS® at glaucoma at patients are observed:

  1. Decrease of intraocular pressure
  2. Reduction or lack of dependence from the anti-glaucomous preparations in the long term
  3. The best restoration of visual functions

This procedure can be executed along with cataract surgery.

Лечение Глаукомы в Минске

What occurs before and after surgical treatment?

Before operation

  1. In the operational to the patient instill the anesthetizing eye drops.
  2. Then eye is washed out, the face and body cover with a sterile surgical sheet, having left uncovered one eye which is fixed to prevent blinking.
  3. For comfort intravenous demulcents can be entered.

After operation

  1. Eye bandage is removed on the first postoperative visit to the doctor .
  2. Within several weeks restriction of habitual activity, and also physical activities, for example, a raising of weights will be required.
  3. Seams, as a rule, are removed in 3 weeks.
  4. The first 8 weeks the patient has to visit quite often the doctor for survey.
  5. Within the first 6-8 weeks the patient will need reception of several types of eye drops. Most of patients stop their use upon termination of healing process.

Advantages of the filtrational device EX-PRESS® at glaucoma.

  • Normalization of intraocular pressure
  • Minimum travmatization of tissues
  • The reduced risk of inflammation
  • Faster restoration of visual functions

Who is a potential candidate?

The filtrational device EX-PRESS®at glaucoma is recommended to patients at whom inefficiently medicinal treatment, and also to those for whom the previous surgical intervention was unsuccessful. The decision on need of operation has to be made together with the treating ophthalmologist.

EX-PRESS™ indication to use *

  • Open-angle glaucoma which is inadequately controlled by medicamentous therapy
  • Aphakic / Pseudophakic candidates for filtration surgery
  • The combined surgery of glaucoma and cataract
  • Insufficient result of the previous glaucoma surgery
  • Sharp / chronic closed-angle glaucoma at an artificial crystalline lens or lack of a crystalline lens
  • Uveal glaucoma at controlled inflammation
  • Traumatic glaucoma after resolution of inflammation
  • Neovascular glaucoma

Contraindication EX-PRESS™

  • Congenital glaucoma
  • Chronic closed-angle glaucoma
  • Mikroftalm

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