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We treat the Complicated short-sightedness

Today the main pathology at which laser coagulative interventions on a retina are carried out is the complicated or pathological myopia. This pathology is characterized by existence of dystrophic changes on the periphery of eyeground that, as a rule, isn't followed by any subjective feelings from the patient and comes to light incidentally at diagnostic checkup.

At the same time it is established that existence of certain types peripheral vitreo-chorioretinal of dystrophies considerably increases risk of development of such terrible complication as detached retina. In this situation carrying out a preventive lasercoagulation of a retina is justified and only effective medical action.

In cases of high complicated myopia with existence of dystrophic changes in the central region of a retina, and also at the myopia having progressing character, the lasercoagulation acts as one of components of complex therapy of this disease

You can cure diabetic retinitis

Diabetic retinitis - pathology, the second for frequency, at which the lasercoagulation of retina is necessary and it is only one effective method of treatment.

It is established that in due time and adequately carried out retina lasercoagulation at a proliferative diabetic retinitis reduces risk of considerable loss of visual acuity by 87% (in terms till 3 years) and, reduces risk of total blindness by 90% (in terms till 5 years).

It is necessary to emphasize that laser treatment is most effective in early stages of diabetic retinitis, before noticeable decrease of visual functions, and on condition of stable compensation of the main disease (diabetes), and also the accompanying somatic pathology.

In advanced stages of a diabetic retinitis and in the presence of its complications (hemophthalmia, the expressed proliferation leading eventually to traction detached retina) the unique method of treatment is the vitreoretinal surgery (vitrectomy with tamponade of vitreal cavity with silicone oil).

Treatment of Glaucoma in Minsk

Now in the department the microinvasive (sparing) methods of laser treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma (a selective diode and laser trabeculoplasty), and also the combined methods of laser interventional treatment of the closed-angle, mixed and secondary glaucomas are successfully applied.

It is necessary to emphasize that the laser surgery is most effective in early (initial) stages of glaucoma. In most cases carrying out a laser trabeculoplasty provides long and permanent compensation of intraocular pressure with stabilization of visual functions.

Age-related macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration – treatment of this disease is complex, as a rule, includes medicamentous, power methods (magnito-, electro-, laserstimulation of retina), and also the surgical interventions directed to improvement of blood supply of eyeball (vazocorrective surgeries).

However, various forms of this disease demand the differentiated approach to tactics of maintaining of patients. So, at development of so-called "damp" or neovascular forms of the central dystrophies of retina for which sharp decrease in sight and extremely adverse forecast is characteristic the leading value is gained of laser methods of treatment.

Today prospects of treatment of this pathology are connected with method of photodynamic therapy (FDT). FDT method is based on selective accumulation of the photosensitizing medication(photosensitizer) injected intravenously in the pathological neovascular tissues located under retina. This preparation at the subsequent activation by low intensive laser radiation is led to photochemical damage of endothelium of neogenic vessels with their subsequent destruction. The above-stated selectivity of influence allows to keep, and in some cases and to improve, the central sight at patients with a subretinal neovascularisation.

Abroad photodynamic therapy is already recognized as a choice method in treatment of neovascular forms of the central dystrophies of retina. There is FDT on the basis of the home equipment and with use of a home preparation (photosensitiser "Fotolon") is carried out in the department.

The prices of laser microsurgery in Minsk:

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