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RECEPTION: +375 (17) 327-24-12
REFERENCE: +375 (17) 327-31-67


The reception of the 3rd CCH Klumov is independent structural division of a hospital and settles down in 1 case. Here daily and round the clock on average 120 people ask for medical care .

Here the round-the-clock hospitalization of patients according to the emergency and planned indications is carried out in 10 stationary departments of clinic. The emergency hospitalization is carried out to departments of hospital round the clock according to urgent indications, as in the EMS direction, and doctors of policlinic. Hospitalization at the self-address is possible, in the presence of the emergency indications.

In a reception to patients conduct necessary examinations: GBA, UA, biochemical blood test, electrocardiogram, ultrasonography diagnostics, radiological inspections. Patients look round doctors: therapist, surgeon, gynecologist. In difficult cases of diagnostics in a reception head of profile departments of clinic are invited. For rendering emergency aid in department there is a necessary set of medicines and the equipment: electrocardiograph, defibrillator, pulse oximeter,  electrosuction, device ALV, syndromic laying.

In diagnostic chamber of a reception medical actions are possible:  relief of asthma attacks with the help of medication, treatment of allergic reactions, hypertensive crises.

Main goal of a reception is implementation of hospitalization of all addressed in a reception in the presence of indications and rendering emergency medical service by that to whom hospitalization isn't shown.


The 3rd Klumov clinical hospital


Lenin St., 30,220030, Minsk

Inquiry desk of paid medical services:
+375 (17) 327-72-75

Registry of cabinet of paid services of the city ophthalmologic consulting and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 327-61-68


Registry of the center of laser microsurgery:
+375 (17) 226-07-96

+375 (17) 327-24-12

Inquiry desk of hospital:
+375 (17) 327-31-67

Glaucomatous cabinet:
+375 (17) 327-32-97

Registry of the city ophthalmologic consulting and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 226-04-12
+375 (17) 226-01-34