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Department for newborns of the 3rd city clinical hospital is counted on 100 beds, from them 30 are observation, 60 beds in maternity hospital and 40 beds in department of postnatal complications where women together with children are hospitalized. Chambers of joint stay are 100%. There is allocated a post of intensive therapy in the department, where the children needing intensive treatment and supervision are hospitalized . The department is equipped with all necessary equipment for rendering the emergency, resuscitation help to newborns, for nursing of prematurely born children.

In the department  screening electrocardiogram for all newborn, and also audioscreening for detection of pathology of hearing at children are carried out. In the department also ultrasonography diagnostics for newborn are carried out(brain, abdominal cavity, heart, coxofemoral joints).

Five doctors work in the department.Certificated of neonatologists is 100%. Head of the department –  Irina V.Hval has the highest qualification category.

Consultative help in the department is carried out by  associate professor of the 1st department of children's diseases of BGMU A.K.Tkachenko


The 3rd Klumov clinical hospital


Lenin St., 30,220030, Minsk

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