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Historical information. Creation of Minsk City Center of Coloproctology

The first order which has laid the foundation to specialized proctology service in Minsk was the order No. 88 of July 30, 1980. "About measures for further development and improvement of proctology help to the population of Belarusian SSR". Since then on base 3CCH the only one specialized coloproctology department of the capital functions openly and successfully . For these years about hundred thousand patients have restored the health and have returned to full-fledged social life and work.

At stages of formation of service, the main function in the department were rendering the emergency proctology help and implementation of small-scale operations on rectum .Over the years, proctology gone beyond the narrow confines of surgery on the anal canal and perineum , and increased qualification of doctors

Today this advanced healthcare facility of the city for rendering the highly specialized coloproctology help with a wide range of surgical interventions.

In 1998 for the purpose of improvement of quality of rendering the specialized  coloproctology help to the population and timely introduction of scientific achievements in practical health care with the order of Healthcare Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee No. 314 has opened  Minsk city center of coloproctology.

The center includes a specialized department on 50 beds , consulting room , cabinet of dispensary observation .

The head of the center - proctologist  of the highest category , the candidate of medical sciences Franz M. Vysotsky.

In the department the professionals, doctors of the highest and first qualification category having knowledge and extensive experience of diagnostics and treatment of coloproctology diseases work. Long-term experience allows us to offer really effective and safe methods of treatment of diseases of thick and direct guts,  area and perineum.

The Minsk city center of coloproctology provides full range of services on inspection and treatment of patients with diseases of segmented intestine. In the offered information reference you can study the list of diseases which treat in the center, to obtain useful information about symptoms of the most widespread diseases and methods of their treatment.

Methods of research of a thick gut which we offer include fibrocolonoscopy,sigmoidoscopy , irrigoscopy , ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space , functional researches of anal sphincter , wide variety of laboratory tests . Diagnosis and treatment can be carried out as out-patient, and in hospital. 

The list of conditions and diseases rectum and colon , adrectal fiber and sacrococcygeal region to be treated in hospital Coloproctology Center:

  • Benign tumors of the colon, anal canal and perianal area;
  • Patients after surgical operations on the colon and anorectal for surgery rehabilitation;
  • colonic bleeding of unknown etiology;
  • Anal fissure;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Insufficiency of anal sphincter;
  • Anal itching;
  • Chronic recurrent abscess;
  • Solitary rectal ulcer;
  • Diverticulosis of the colon;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Epithelial coccygeal course;
  • Genital perianal warts ;
  • Acute (subcutaneous submucosal, retro and ischiorectal, pelviorectal, anaerobic) abscess;
  • Fistulas of the rectum;
  • Foreign bodies of the rectum;
  • Stricture of the anal canal;
  • Pyoderma of perineum;
  • Hemorrhoids in combination with other pathology of the anal canal;
  • Anal and perineum comorbidities ;
  • Rectocele;
  • Anal incontinence of traumatic origin;
  • Villous tumors of the rectum;
  • Ulcerative colitis;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Conditions that shows the closure or formation of ileo, colostomy;
  • dermoid formation of the perineum and pelvis;
  • Benign tumors of recto-vaginal septum;
  • Rectal prolapse;
  • Colonic fistula;
  • Multiple polyps and diffuse polyposis of the colon;
  • Complicated diverticulosis of the colon;
  • Cancer in the background of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease;
  • Subtotal and total megacolon. Hirschsprung's disease and other abnormalities of the colon and rectum in adults;
  • Decompensated form of chronic colonic stasis;
  • Angiodysplasia of the colon;
  • Creating of pelvic  thin and colonic reservoir.

List of ambulatory interventions made in the center of Coloproctology:

1. Hemorrhoids.

1.1. Removal of solitary hemorrhoids;

1.2. Thrombectomy of haemorrhoid;

1.3. Latex ligation of hemorrhoids;

1.4. Proximal ligation of hemorrhoids;

1.5. Laser therapy;

1.6. Bipolar thermocoagulation of  hemorrhoids;

1.7. Infrared photocoagulation of hemorrhoids;

1.8. Excision of anal fringes.

2. Anal fissure.

2.1. Laser vaporization;

2.2. Medicinal applications and blockade.

3. Polyps:

3.1. Removal of anal polyp  (including laser and electrosurgical);

3.2. Removing of polyps up to 5mm in diameter through the proctoscope tube;

3.3. Biopsy of the polyp.

4. Epithelial coccygeal course:

4.1. Open festering epithelial-coccygeal;

4.2. Excision of uncomplicated pilonidal sinus .

5. Genital warts.

5.1. Electro surgical removal of individual warts.

5.2. Laser vaporization of warts sizes up to 3 cm.

6.Acute anal abscess:

6.1. Opening and drainage of subcutaneous or submucosal abscess of small size

6.2.Opening and drainage of subcutaneous abscess  of small size with excision of a fistula

7. Benign tumors.

7.1.Removal of  benign tumor of pararectal area and perineum up to 2 cm in size.

8.1. Removal of superficial dermoid cysts of perineum less than 3 cm in diameter.

9. Out-patient care for ostomy patients.

9.1. Complex medical psychological and social rehabilitation of patients with colorectal and ileostomy.

9.2. Individual selection and provision of facilities for care stoma

9.3. Informing patients about all aspects of life of people with stoma, providing them with background information in the form of booklets and manuals. 


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