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The gynecologic department of our hospital is developed on 40 beds, serves the population of the 6th, 11th, 33rd, 34th and 37th female consultations of the city of Minsk, and also renders paid services to the population of the republic and foreign citizens in a full range of the existing gynecologic services (diagnostics, small operations, surgeries of the most modern level, inspection and treatment of diseases).

Head of  gynecologic department:  Rimma S.Burchik is   obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category.

Doctors of the department: N.S. Perepecha ,the highest category, E.M.Vensko ,the first  category.

The department is advised by professor of Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education O.A.Peresada, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education A.N.Barsukov, chief non-staff children's obstetrician-gynecologist  O. L.Kudina

The department works at the modern equipment of Wolf, Olimpus, Storz, Johnson and Johnson firms.

We carry out diagnostic and medical manipulations:

  1. Diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy (removal of endometrial polyps, cervical canal, diagnosis of endometriosis, endometrial cancer, removal of IUD and so forth.)
  2. Hystero-Resectoscopy(removal of polyps, residual at hysteroscopy of cruses of polyps,submucous myomas, interseptums in / uterine, resection and ablation of endometrium at the hyperplasia and so forth)
  3. Laparoscopy (removal of appendages appearances, inflammatory sacculations, section of adnations, removal of endometriosis centers of various localization, sterilization, removal of fibromatosis, diagnostics of the reasons of female infertility, removal of benign tumors)
  4. Operations: supracervical uterus amputation, complete hysterectomy, removal of benign tumors, organ-preserving uterus operations at myomas (conservative myomectomy) with use of an anti-inflammatory barrier of firm Johnson and Johnson at not giving birth women, vaginal extirpation at abasement of genitals, Manchester operation. Neygebauyera-Lefor's operation at elderly people with the expressed somatic pathology, etc.
  5. New progressive techniques with use of mesh artificial limbs at abasements and omissions of genitals, urinary incontinence (TVT, TVT-0, prolift anterior, posterior, total), including situations at abasement of vaginal cuff after hysterectomy with brilliant outcomes, uterus neck operations.
  6. We make interruption of pregnancy in different terms (about 12 weeks), МСG (check for flow of uterine tubes with a radiological method),
  7. Ultrasonography diagnostics at the high level by the doctor of higher category.
  8. At women with habitual not incubation we apply correction of cervical insufficiency by means of mersilen taenia (cerclage).
  9. All operations and manipulations are carried out under anesthesia (intravenous anesthesia, endotradical anesthesia, sacral and spinal anesthesia).

We invite patients with inflammatory processes of genitals having uterine bleedings, basic pains, endometriosis, pregnant women with problems of incubation and diseases of kidneys. You will be pleasantly surprised with care of patients. Who needs results, but not a condition it is better not to find places.


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