PAID SERVICES: +375 (17) 327 72 75
RECEPTION: +375 (17) 327-24-12
REFERENCE: +375 (17) 327-31-67


There are 10 chambers calculated on 32 beds from them three chambers are single in obstetric and observation department . In chambers at windows there are blinds, convenient functional beds, swaddling table and mobile cribs.

In the department 2 showers function round the clock.For the purpose of the warning of postnatal complications to all women in childbirth without exception full clinical laboratory examination is carried out.Visiting round is carried out daily by the doctor of the highest category, head of the department N. A. Savateeva  and by the  doctor of the first  category, candidate of medical sciences L.H. Tolibova .

On visiting round discussion and training in rules of breastfeeding, chest decantation and measures of prevention of postnatal complications is provided. All patients receive answers to the questions interesting them concerning the postnatal period. Medical manipulations are carried out by highly skilled, with light soul and clever fingers, midwifes at the head of the chief midwife E.S. Hmaruk .

In case of absence of contraindications of the woman in childbirth, who gave birth in natural patrimonial ways are written out for the 3rd days after birth, after cesarean section  for the 5th days.

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The 3rd Klumov clinical hospital


Lenin St., 30,220030, Minsk

Inquiry desk of paid medical services:
+375 (17) 327-72-75

Registry of cabinet of paid services of the city ophthalmologic consulting and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 327-61-68


Registry of the center of laser microsurgery:
+375 (17) 226-07-96

+375 (17) 327-24-12

Inquiry desk of hospital:
+375 (17) 327-31-67

Glaucomatous cabinet:
+375 (17) 327-32-97

Registry of the city ophthalmologic consulting and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 226-04-12
+375 (17) 226-01-34